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Selfcare for busy moms by Hanneke Peeters

Een primeur: een cursus speciaal voor moeders, moeders in wording, stiefmoeders en iedereen die zich moeder voelt. …


Giftvoucher for any course

YES! The best gift ever is here: personal growth. It's easy, it's fast and it's an evergreen. …


Ayurveda course by Victoria (Tory)

Ayurveda, isn't that a vague ancient concept from the deepends of India? Well yes, but also very much …


Natural Health by Liselore

This holistic after summer detox provides you, dear women, with a lot of insights and hands on knowledge …


Crystals&Chakra’s by Hanneke

No this is not Harry Potter Philospher stone stuff, this is rocksolid self-care. Don't we all need some …


Plant as food and medicine by Leoniek

Come and join Leoniek on her foraging and medicinal plants course. Your adventure will take your from your …