Welcome to City of the Innersun

As spiritual rockstar Davidji once said: "All that is outside of us, is truly inside of us as well." During dark times with clouds or even pouring rain we forget to see the sun. The sun is always there, outside and inside of us.

This city is for all who love to find their innersun, to radiate and shine as the person they truly are. We provide personal growth, a loving community and a lot of fun while learning from the best. Get into something comfy, fancy or funky, and join us by picking an online course that warms your heart.

A course is always 4 online classes of 1,5 hours for €70,-

City of the Inner Sun

How it works

Step 1. Pick

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Don’t worry if you are a total newbee, they’re all courses are at entry level and serve as an introduction.

A course is always 4 classes of 1,5 hours via Zoom.

Step 2. Pay

Fill out the form, get and pay the Tikkie, block the dates in your calendar.
After confirmation of payment we’ll make sure you are ready to rumble.

Step 3. Join

Get comfy, grab a drink, a notebook, your chargers and hang out your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Join your teacher and coursemates for an interactive class.

Step 4. Radiate

After the finishing the 4 classes, we offer a 1-on-1 with the teacher for the lucky (early) few. But even without we promise a soul lifting, heart warming, brain shifting experience that will feed your innersun.

JOIN the city of the innersun

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