Get your Leo energy in check. (Without sticking your head in the fridge)

Hanneke Kristallen
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Get your Leo energy in check. (Without sticking your head in the fridge)

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Hanneke Peeters is a regular whenever talked about anything spiritual. She knows astrology, ayurveda, crystals, gemstones, meditation, motherhood and how to enjoy life. She is the proud founder of 2 boys and the company Rock Your World. Check the Insta and website for this selfcare candystore.

Let’s talk about this summerperiod.

Leo season, heatwave, weird stuff happening around us.

What does this do to our chakra’s and how can we balance the heat out?

(Personally, my innerflame is on fire and I feel like a firedragon burning everything and everyone down. When not in the pool. #sorry)

Hanneke to the rescue!

This week was New Moon in Leo. Say whut?! The moon has a cycle of app. 28 days, every month start with a new moon and half way we have a full moon. The sign Leo goes from the 21st of July till the 23th of August. Everyone born has their sun located in the Leo sign, also during this time we fellow Earthlings can tap into or work with Leo energy. Obviously, as everything, there is an upside and a downside. 

Hanneke shares with us how you find your Leo fire and make it work for you.

Leo is connected to the heart, both the physical heart as well as the heart energy. Or the anahata chakra center, located in the middle of your chest and on the back right in the middle of your shoulder blades.

When your Heartenergy or chakra is on fleek you’ll feel it’s easy to get up out of bed, whisle or sing during the day even when you have to make tough decisions, you deal with stress like it’s a walk in the park and you’ll experience a great flow in your relationships. The topics related to the Anahata are joy, bliss, laughter, giving and receiving love. So if till know you’re reading and feeling: ‘I can totalemente relate.’ Congrats, your Leo is in check and keep radiating and roaring. If not, keep reading.

No stress (*Insert Caribean accent*)

Stress, in all shapes and forms, can bring a disbalance to your heartchakra. Check in with yourself… Do you feel like getting out of bed is a struggle, sad, unseen or unheard, angry, anxious, lonely and alone? When you tick all the boxes, you’ve probably been ignoring your own boundaries and you might be running on autopilot.

When we put ourselves under too much pressure for too long, we can trick our system with loads of espressos, wine, Netflix or excuses:

  1. ‘It’s temporary’
  2. ‘But it pays so well’
  3. ‘I ain’t no quitter’ 
  4. ‘If X can do it, so can I’
  5. ‘Everyone else on the Gram is pulling it off’

We differentiate two types of stress, internal and external. External can be the heatwave, internal can be fearing something that you’ve made up in your mind.

You’ll notice that you have issues falling asleep, or sleeping through the night, being in doubt like all the time and buying stuff you don’t really need for those shots of temporary happiness.

Now we can start the fun part. Get your heart energy balanced!

First, sit with yourself in stillness and silence. Ask yourself, your heart preferably, what makes you feel anxious, worried or stressed? Write those things down.

Now, divide them into things you can change by letting it go. Focus on the things you can have an impact on. Like food choices, lifestyle adjustments, limiting beliefs, relationships that no longer serve you.

A good ritual is to make notes, thanking what is on the note and throw it in a fire or the sea/lake/ditch/canal. Watch it vanish physically and mentally.

Go back to your sitting or laying in silence, ask your heart, make a true connection. What helps is to put one hand on your heart while doing so or have crystals close by. Like rose quartz, green aventurine, (orange) selenite.

Tell your heart that you have all the faith and trust that all will is fine. Maybe even visualise your beautiful divine heart becoming whole, radiating infinitely and smile. Always smile from the inside out.

Try to keep that smile throughout the day. Get that vibe of ‘When you smile, the world smiles back at ya’.

And repeat. Repetition is the mother of all skills, a wise husband once said.

Obviously, give yourself some slack if you might fail. Or stick your head in the fridge.

Enjoy the last week of Lion season. Roaarrrr!

Hanneke’s course starts the 12th of November. Visit this course.