Meet the founder: Demelza Janmaat

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Meet the founder: Demelza Janmaat

Hi and welcome to my youngest baby. It all started when Corona virus hit our planet. But let me take you back a little bit further in time.

30somewhat years ago I was born into a very loving traditional family in a small town 30 minutes from Amsterdam. The most influential person in my life was and is my mother’s mother. She brought up 5 children by herself, not an easy job in the 50-60ties in the Netherlands. She was born in Indonesia, after the WOII and the internmentwar with the Netherlands, she jumped on a boat with her oldest daughter and 3 weeks later she arrived in Amsterdam. Her fiance was a Dutch soldier deployed overseas, so gramps was on her own.

Him going in and out of deployment, they together got five kids and he left her right after the youngest, my mom, was born. He traded my granny for the midwife. #byefelicia.

Imagine a really small house, 5 children, 2 inmates to split the costs, my grandma working days in the kitchen of a research center and night sewing for a tailor, no car, no fatherfigure. Oh and she got open TB later on. Pure poverty, fear and uncertainty.

But there was love, fun, laughter and gratitude. My grandmother neverever complained about anything in her life. She said: ‘God gives you what you can handle. I can say, he had big faith in me.’

This woman came by every day to give my brother and me a kiss, then took off for work. She learned Spanish at the age of 65 and travelled the world with grouptravels for singles after her retirement. She still is my biggest inspiration, the first feminist and buddhist I knew before learning about those terms.

My grandmother was born on 15-5-1925 and had 5 children. The number five, so I’ve learned is the number of freedom. 

Back to my life. 

Ever since I can remember, I’m hypersensitive to energy and scent. When I was eleven years old my cousin hosted a wicked birthdayparty where there was a widgy board. An entity came to answer, but never left. It was stuck in my brain, gave me all kinds of exercises to perform with punishments if I didn’t’t. I told my mom that I wanted to see someone to help me get rid of this man inside my head. At first she started asking questions, suited me and moved on, but soon I didn’t want to sleep alone in my own bed anymore. I was way to scared.

Luckily I chose parents who didn’t totally freak out from the situation and took me to spiritual workers. I remember, I was twelve years old, that consulting them felt like coming home. That finally I met likeminds, who wouldn’t judge me. More likely, get me. 

I can say that every time I’ve hit a rough patch, I’ve turned to spiritual helpers instead of regular health care. Eventough, sometimes you just have too. For me living in Western-Europe it feels like I can tap into the best of both worlds. 

Somewhere in my twenties I started learning about yoga, mantras, meditation, chanting, chakra’s simply by going to yogaclasses in Amsterdam. One yogaclass I did was with a female psychic. The students enrolled in the class didn’t know she was there, but we knew someone was working with energy. At the beginning she measured your energy and after the practice again. During that workshop she asked me if I was aware of my ability. She meant the sixth sense. Her saying those words made me feel as if I got caught. 

It scared me so I decided to ignore it. 

Fast forward to years and years later. The yogastudio opened a second location, I was there at the opening and so was the medium. She walked up to me, grabbed my shoulders and said: ‘it is time, isn’t it?’ Goosebumps, dry mouth, deer in headlight eyes…. She was damn right.

Next day I texted her, asking what to do. She told me to go to the Arthur Findlay college, the academy of mediumship and psychic arts. It was a very intense course for one week hosted in a Dutch monastery. Until this day I’m very grateful for opening up to this ability or sixth sense, whatever you like to call it, from the starting point of light and love. For me this gave me the confidence to live more from the gut in stead of the mind. A great shift that made my life easier.

In the 5 years from then till now, I’ve done many shapes or forms of self help and self reflection. There are so many great ways to get to know yourself and live in freedom of pure existence. Also this brought me my lovely husband, my family of five kids and a job that I love to do. Writing, creating, connecting is my purpose. And making people smile, feel good about themselves, cook amazing food.

All these years of travelling inwards and outwards I’ve met powerful gurus who master the game of life, mainly female and this platform makes me able to share them with everyone who likes to learn something positive in weird, uncertain times.

I’m very grateful to start a platform with these heiresses and for you to learn from them from the convenience of your own home. Enjoy the City of the Innersun, spread the love and stay safe.