Plant as food and medicine by Leoniek

Plant as food and medicine by Leoniek

Plant as food and medicine by Leoniek

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Come and join Leoniek on her foraging and medicinal plants course. Your adventure will take your from your own kitchen, via the fresh herbs and spices on your local market, via your garden (or balcony), to the outskirts of nature.
You will be amazed how many of these plants just grow around you or pop up in your garden spontaneously. And how beneficial they can be when used right for you and your loved ones. After this course your outlook on pretty and weird looking greens or weeds will change drastically for the better and you’ll find yourself a herbalist light. Disclaimer: do not blame us when everyone, yes EVERYONE, will ask you to brew them a costum made treatment.
You learn what simple medicine you can make, also from your kitchen herbs.

– Introduction to foraging and medicinal plants
– Foraging rules and medicinal -plant rules
– Plants that grow around you and can be found very easily

– How to boost you’re immune system

Get your hands dirty:

– Cooking
– Making a simple infusion
– Working with tinctures

– Creating medicinal oils

– Creating simple medicine 

Fresh kitchen herbs that are medicinal and easy to grow/get

Every week you will collect some plants yourself and try to make some food/medicine. 

And after you can change your LinkedInprofile, adding ‘Herbalist’ to your skill dept.


This course will take place on Thursday’s at 19:30 hours:

1. 11th of March 2021
2. 18th of March 2021
3. 25th of March 2021
4. 1st of April 2021

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Leoniek Bontje is a very allround aligned kind of awesome. She used to be a model, we all see why, turned artist creating beautiful artpieces made out of thread, mom of 3 gals, medium, herbalist, forager and author of two books. *Pause for an inhale*. Her books you can find in Dutch under the titles: ‘Wildplukken’ and ‘Plant als medicijn’. Oh and she creates, builds and maintains several healing herbal gardens throughout Amsterdam. Since a year or so she's back into teaching and sharing her broad wisdom about all that nature has to offer us. Goes from you own little kitchencabinet, till going out in the city park or wherever outside to discover what comes up. Leoniek is able to show you what is beneficial how and when for you. How you might look at greens and weeds will be changed for evah and evah.
Price €100,00
Instructor Leoniek Bontje
Duration 90 minutes
Enrolled 0 students
Language English
Deadline 31-10-2020